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Create a DAVE project for XMC4500, add ADC001 (enable 1 channel eg. Channel-AA) and assign the IO001 input pin to P14.1 (indicated as G0CH1 in Table 25-12 of xmc4500_rm_v1.5_2014_07), after click "Solve And Save", you will find the ADC channel is mapped to G0CH0 (Group 0 Channel 0) in "Resource Mapping Information" window.

The reason is because of the alias effect. This a feature in XMC ADC which allows connect any pin in a group to channels 0 and 1. DAVE use this feature to help connecting channels.

In this case, the solver provides an Alias value (Gx_ALIAS.ALIAS0) for channel 0 which is 1. This means that when the ADC converts channel 0, the pin converted is P14.1 (channel 1). Hence, the result for channel 0 is correspond to the pin you have selected P14.1.
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