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I2C001 App provides APIs & UI configuration to achieve a I2C master role use case.

The App consumes a USIC Channel resource as well as port pins for SDA & SCL. The user is free to manually configure the port pins based on the I2C slave device to be addressed.

In the current configuration, I2C001 App consumes a single IO pin for its data Rx(DXO) and Tx(DOUT), similarly for clock input(DX1) and output(SCLKOUT). This can be extended by the user by consuming separate IO002 Apps for the Rx and Tx as well as clock input and output.

The communication in IIC can be either in Standard mode (up to 100 kbit/s) or in Fast mode (up to 400 kbit/s).

Pls take note that too small FIFO size may lead to data loss.

Details can be found in I2C001 App help documentation.
Go to: >Help>Help Contents>DAVE Apps>I2C001 [1.0.24]>...
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