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External Bus Unit (EBU) provides MCU an interface to access various external memory devices. It supports external device configurations as well as multiple programmable address regions.

EBU001 App allows the user to configure a single address region of the EBU (chip select x).
User may manually allocate the ChipSelect region by using the "Manual Resource Assignment" menu item in DAVE3 toolbar.

User needs to select the Device type from the App UI (currently the App supports only 16-bit SDRAM memory devices) and configure the access parameters.
The timing parameters can be entered in the individual tab of the device ( device tab UI), by referring to the Device datasheet. The App takes care of mapping the Device Parameters to the EBU Registers.

Details can be found in DAVE help documentation:
Go to: >Help>Help Contents>DAVE Apps>EBU001[1.0.0]>...
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