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A migration problem may occur if one or more DAVE Apps of the active project do not support the new target MCU device. The reason could be:

a) The DAVE App has not yet been extended to support this new target device or new device step;
b) The new target device does not include a required peripheral (e.g. ETH module or USB module);
c) The new target device includes less peripheral instances than required;
d) The new target device does not included the manually assigned port pins.

For case a: This should be only an intermediate situation. The respective DAVE App should be updated soon.

For case b and c: The respective DAVE Apps have to be removed to fit the resources offered by the new target device.

For case d: The user has to manually assign port pins that are available in the new target device, or remove the critical manual pin assignment and let the solver search for a solution.

Details can be found in DAVE User Manual:
Go to: >Help>Help Contents>DAVE User Manual>App and Device Migration
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