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In DAVE Support Portal "Release Note Update" webpage, click "Update Information for DAVE v3.1.10, build 2014-02-26" to open "DAVE Update Information, May, 14, 2014":
1) Under "2. CMSIS patch for DAVE v3.1.10 installer build 2014-02-09, How to install the patch:", download and unzip the zip file (DAVE_CMSIS_PATCH_2014_5_14.zip).
The zip file contains the CMSIS folder and DAVE_CMSIS_Patch _2014-05-09.pdf.
The CMSIS folder contains updated device startup files ( startup_.s) and updated linker script template files for the XMC4000 family.

2) Follow the steps (in DAVE_CMSIS_Patch _2014-05-09.pdf) to patch the CMSIS folder located in the installation of DAVE v3.1.10:
2.1) Close DAVE
2.2) Rename the existing CMSIS folder in DAVE v3.1.10 installation
2.3) Copy the CMSIS folder from the patch into the DAVE v3.1.10 installation
2.4) Start DAVE

The above details also can be found via "More details and Instructions to perform the update" under Forum Thread "Information about Updates" May 16th post.
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