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PWMMP001 App is designed to generate the Multi phase (2 or 3 or 4 phase) centre aligned, asymmetric PWM waveforms with dead time.
1) CC8 slices are from the same module either CCU80 or CCU81
2) Up to 2 PWM outputs per Timer Slice (OUTy0 & OUTy1) due to asymmetric PWM

In "xmc4500_rm_v1+2_2012_12_", Figure 23-28 shows the "Centre Aligned Asymmetric mode scheme".

Use PWMMP001 App as a baseline, manually configure the OUTy2 & OUTy3.

What was planned:
A new PWM App provides the configuration of generating 4 PWM outputs from one CCU8x slice.
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