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I'm just trying DAVE 4 for the first time with my new machine which has a 3840x2160 screen resolution. The effect is that all the icons are so tiny that this severely impacts the usability of the GUI (screen shot scaled down to meet the forum's requirements for attachments):

For example all the icons in the toolbar are so small that it's very hard to recognize the icon and to click the right one.

Is this a known issue? Is there a setting or command line switch that increases the size of the icons?
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jferreira wrote:

It seems this is a known problem in the eclipse community.
Have a look to https://community.perfectomobile.com/posts/1135007-solution-for-eclipse-with-high-resolution-laptops or http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20718093/eclipse-interface-icons-very-small-on-high-resolution-sc... for possible solutions.

Thanks for these pointers. I tried the method from the first link with the manifest, and it didn't work for me. The suggestions on stackoverflow under the second link to resize the icons sound very cumbersome, and I didn't try that. So for the moment I will live try to live with the problem and use the screen magnifier when necessary.

Note that not only the icons are problematic, but for example also the dialogs to configure app instances are affected:


I also use Eclipse neon, and this works fine on the same display. So hopefully this problem will be fixed in general by moving DAVE to a current Eclipse release.