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Is there a list of changes and bug fixes between the latest DAVE 3 and DAVE 4 releases? I did not see it.

The reason I ask is that JTAG debugging through the miniwiggler in DAVE 3 is nightmarish with bugs everywhere. I am contemplating upgrading but am worried that the BETA will be worse.

I could make a video of all the errors if this has not been addressed. I am cursing all the time between DAVE 3 and UDAS.


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Hello Jason,
There is a document called DAVE introduction note that describes the most relevant enhancement and changes between DAVE v4 and DAVE v3. Link.
The TASKING Debugger is not part of DAVE v4 any more. DAVE v4 includes a debugger from gnuarmeclipse. This debugger uses the GDB server from Segger and the J-Link debugger probes to interface the microcontroller target. Therefore miniWiggler is not supported and more with DAVE v4 and this is currently also not planned. Alternatively the winIDEA open eclipse plug-in from iSystem can be installed. With this all J-Link and iSystem debugger probes can be used to connect to the XMC target. A tutorial that describes this is in preparation and should be available along with the DAVE v4 productive release by end of July this year.