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- I tried the PWM example by hand. But Dave generated a very strange file tree. The apps are not stored in the DAVE Generated folder.
See attached image. The extries at line 52 I added by hand.

Solution: Hit Generate Code.

- The Relay Kit is assembled with the XMC4500 - 100
I was not able to select pin 1.0 as output in the Manual Pin Allocator

Solution: Select Weak Driver in PWM_0 Pin config
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Hi Kurt,

Great that you managed to find the solution.

1. Generate Code
When the APP is added, there is no code being generated until the "Generate Code" icon is selected on the toolbar or from the dropdown menu "DAVE->Generate Code".

2. Pad Class
P1.0 has a pad class of A1+, this means that it supports the following driver strengths:
- Strong driver soft edge
- Strong driver slow edge
- Medium driver
- Weak driver
If options (strong driver, medium edge or sharp edge) is selected, P1.0 will not be inside the solver recommended option list.

I hope this is clearer now.