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Hi All,

There are new fixed point types available in more recent versions of gcc as included with DAVE 3.1.8. You can see a list at http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/Fixed_002dPoint.html. They are types like ‘sat unsigned accum’ and so on. I find that the gcc included with DAVE 3.1.8 will accept and compile them.

However, it appears that the current implementation of the debugger does not like them. Attempting to download the .elf file generated from the compile using these fixed point types (by clicking on the bug icon in DAVE3) results in the following error dialog:


The flash download does not complete successfully when this happens.

If I comment out all references to the new types in my source code, the debugger does not have this problem.

I am using the J-link lite that came with the XMC4500 Hexagon Kit on an XMC4500F144K1024AB Target. I am using Segger JLink ARM v4.74 on my development PC.

I'd like to encourage future support in the debugger for the new gcc fixed point types.
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Hi Kurt,

Thank you very much for the feedback and request. This "Incomplete C++ support in the debugger" issue has been addressed In eTicket 26964729.
Although no quick fix is possible on Tasking debugger for this time being. There is no doubt for providing a complete C++ support level debug in future.

Best regards,
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Hi Sophia,
This issue I have to report is not a C++ issue, as I have not used any C++ source code to generate this behavior.
I believe that it is a separate and distinct issue related to fixed point type support in the debugger, and it just happens
to express itself in a manner similar to the issue you reference in the ticket regarding C++ debugger support.