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Hi to all.

I've installed Dave 4.2.6 and try to add the UpdateSite_DAVEApps_1-0-66.

I unzip the archive to a folder.

After the procedure:
HELP -> Install DAVE App/Example/Device Library -> Add -> Local -> [PathToUnzipped-Archive]
i select: Library_DAVE_Apps -> May_Relases -> DAVEApps_MotorControl_Library_001

After pressing the FINISH - Button, Dave try to install the Apps,
but after a time, the Error-Message: "MISSING DD FILE INSIDE ZIP" occurs.

The App's are not installed.
A new folder: c:\Users\username\\Infineon\D_LibraryStore_4.1\www.infineon.com was created with contents, but no new apps are shown in the "Add New App" Window (only the old one).

I tryed a online-Update (Check for DAVE APP Update) and select MotorControll, but with this, i can't get the apps too. (no apps in the New-App window)

What can i do?

Is there any possibility to add the apps manually?


If i install the APPs from Update_Site_PACK_2016-05-17, no MotorControl is available.
In file Apps_toc.xml i can find the entry:

but noting (realy nothing) from the whole update-pack is present in the "Add new APP"-Window.
I checked the preferences from the library Store. This is correct (C:\Users\username\Infineon\D_LibraryStore_4.1).
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Level 3

Problem solved.

For DAVE4, only the Update_Site_PACK_2016-05-17 can installed.

To get access to the new Apps, you have to uncheck the "Hide beta versions" checkbox and choose the right CPU-Type. Whitout this, you see nothing.

To see what app is available for a cpu, have a look in File C:\Users\username\Infineon\D_LibraryStore_4.1\1.idx with a text editor.
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I also have same kind of problem while installing, at the last moment it was showing Missing DD file in the zip.

I think Update_Site_PACK_2016-05-17 version will solve that problem but unfortunately I am not getting that update.
Please share the link where I can find the mentioned update.

Thanks in advance

K Chandrasekhar