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Dear All,
I'm trying to use BUCK_PCC_FIX_FQ App to develop a 3~ buck regulator, but I get the following problem: the App sets the "Period match event" to ON for all the HRPWM instances, and therefore it also wants a connection between this signal and a destination unit.
In HRPWM App configuration tab the "Period match event" is ON and greyed, therefore it is not possible to disable it, but I do not need this signal.
I guess this signal can be used to trigger the VADC for the output voltage, but I have chose "Manual connection" for "Vout measurement trigger" in the main tab of the App. Moreover, I can not figure out why this event is enabled in all the HRPWM, since, in the same App conf. tab "Vout measurement trigger" can be connected to istance 0 only.

Any help/hint highly appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards
Simone Gili
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