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Level 4
Level 4
When can we expect a Dave4 App for BLDC_BC_HALL for XMC4500?

I have tried out the PMSM_FOC App and loved the way parameters could be set up.
In runs well in FOC closed loop, but I need to run the motor at less than the minimum 550rpm. (200-250rpm)
I will need the hall sensors for this.
(I have tried to tune Dave3 BLDC_BC_HALL to my motor parameters, but are not able to set a line inductance of 0.61mH)

I have also tried to install the Contributed BldcBcHall App from the 2016-05-17 update, but it does not show up in the App list.
(Manifest defines this app for TLE987x devices only. Selecting this device shows that the app has a very limited parameter set compared to PMSM_FOC)


In the mean time I will see if I can adapt the BLDC_SCALAR_HALL_XMC13 project to Hexagon CPU_45A-V2 and MOT_GPDLV-V2 eval cards.
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