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Today we released new versions of DAVE, DAVE SDK, DAVE APPs, XMC Lib, Device Descriptions, and Device Support Pack.

DAVE v4.2.4 and DAVE SDK v4.2.4
Major focus of this release was performance improvements and fix of issues:
Major performance improvements are:

  • Next transactions when creating a new project (about 80%)
  • Switching the active project (about 35%)
  • Open the signal connection dialog (about 50%)

We released 4 new DAVE APs and transferred two APPs form the contributed update site to the update site of Infineon developed APPs:

  • HTTP_SERVER: To create a webserver
  • FTP_SERVER: To create an FTP server
  • BUS_IO: To control several IO pins simultaneously
  • PIN_INTERRUPT: To simplify generation of external interrupts
  • I2C_CONFIG: To configure a USIC channel for I2C functionality
  • MULTICAN_CONFIG: To configure a CAN Node of the MultiCAN module

3 DAVE APPs have been upgraded from Beta release to a Productive release

30 DAVER APPs have been enhanced or issues have been fixed.
All updates are full backward compatible.

DAVE Device Description
The device descriptions of the XMC4800 and XMC4700 series have been modified to correct issues

11 Peripheral libraries have been updated (fix of issues , enhce of functionality).
All updates are full backward compatible.

Example Projects
Will be updated to new DAVE APP version within another few hours. Examples of new DAVE APPs will be provided in course of next week.

Further details and how to update.
Please download the detailed update information which includes more details, links to release notes and how the install the update.

Next releases of DAVE Apps and other libraries are planned by end of July 2016, next release of DAVE is planned by end of October 2016.
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