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Today, we released an update of DAVE™ APPs, Device Description libraries, Device Pack and XMC Lib (included in Device Pack).

We released an update of 26 DAVE APPs to fix issues or limitations or to add new features.

Device Description Libraries
We released an update of 12 Device Description to fix connectivity related limitations.

XMC Lib v2.1.12
6 peripheral drivers in XMC Lib have been updated to fix issues or limitations, or to add new features.

Device Pack v2.1.20
Update of CMSIS files and Syscall

The updates are backward compatible.

Download a PDF to get more details.

Usually when starting DAVE the message “Library updates found” will appear
By accepting and following this update procedure all updated artefacts will be installed.

Oher options to download are described in the above mentioned PDF.

Existing projects can be easily updated to the new libraries with the DAVE Project Upgrade functionality:

  • Right mouse click on active project
  • Select Option: ->DAVE Project Upgrade ->APPs Upgrade
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