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Today we released two new version of Device Description and a new version of the Device Pack to fix recent identified issues.

DAVE Devices Description:
The devices description XMC4700 and XMC4800 in the 196 pin package are updated to fix the following issues:

  • Wrong pin connection to p0_tx_clkc signal has been corrected .Initially it was with P9.0 the corrected one is P9.1 (only XMC4800).
  • Missing alternate function declaration for CCU81 CC80/1/2/3 have been corrected.

Further details can be found in the Release Note.

Device Pack update to v2.1.8:

  • A not correct alignment of the bss and data section in XMC4000 linker script files may lead to not correct initialization of the first data in the respective section. This has been corrected

Further details can be found in the Release Note.

How to update:
When starting DAVE an update notification will appear. To install the update click on the notification and follow further instructions.
Alternatively the check for updates functionality can be used:
Press –Help -> Check for DAVE APP Updates (Device Description updates and Device Pack update)

An updated zip file that includes the updates with all libraries to install the update locally can be downloaded from here.
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