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Current (Magnetic sensor) Forum Discussions

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Current (Magnetic sensor)
I am adapting a design to use TLE4972AE35S5XUMA1. Is there a way to program the IC without using the 20V VIO_PRG signal? If not, is there a preferred ... Show More
Current (Magnetic sensor)
I bought some TLI4971_MS2GO products before. I found that the sensitivity is too small for detecting small currents, like several mA or 1 A. The maxim... Show More
Current (Magnetic sensor)
Hello,  is the S2Go Platform capable of programming the TLI4971? As the information about the S2GO is not mentioning the Voltage of ~20.5V, which is r... Show More
Current (Magnetic sensor)
I want to use the TLI4971-A050T5-U-E0001 in Single-Ended Output Mode.  The datasheet says "The pre-configured output mode is set to semi-differential ... Show More
Current (Magnetic sensor)
Hello, Im looking at a Hall effect sensor in the XSENSIV line PN : TLI4971-A120T5-U-E0001.   The part states it has measurment range of ± 120A.  As I ... Show More
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Current (Magnetic sensor)

In this forum you can post your questions, comments and feedback about the XENSIV™ Current sensors, a sensor family which is using a hall-based technology in order to sense accurate and stable the current. Our Current sensors can be found in a variety of consumer, industry and automotive applications like traction inverters, industrial drives, photovoltaic inverters or battery disconnect systems. Here you can also find the links to the latest board pages, GitHub, documents, simulation tools and FAQs.