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Notice: How to participate Community Translations

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Hello, Community translation contributors!

I'd like to summarize for you about how to participate Community translation activity !

If you have any question or feedback, please reply at this Thread.


1. Contributor Choose KBA

a. If Contributor wants to choose KBA not from requested list, please check below :

-  Search is it already translated or not?

-  Write new Thread to request confirmation

Ex: I want to translate KBA#####, please confirm to my work

You will get confirmation by reply with in 1-2 days from WW2020. (I will try to respond ASAP)

From WW2020, please go ahead to translate after you get confirmation.

2. Contributor translate and submit

- Please submit your translation as a reply in thread you got confirmation.

3. Cypress internal review

- Internal review will be conducted for your translation.

- Please note that veteran contributor or assured contributor (who keep received good review result) will pass internal review.

the condition for passing review will be updated later.

4. Completed translation review & post to Community

- After internal review is done, we will post your translation.

5. Award point

- Now it is time to enjoy your hard work.

- Based on your work (# of words), you will received the point.

Due to highly increased number of translation in this Quarter,

many of your translation is delayed to be published.

Apologize for these inconvenience, it will take times, but all of your work will be take care of.

If you have any issues, Please contact me with new Thread or my email (Jenna.jo@cypress.com)

Thanks for your contribution and read this page!



Jenna Jo

Jenna Jo
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