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2021 Wrap-up: Infineon Developer Community Highlights

Dear Community members, 

Happy New Year! While we step in to 2022, let's take a moment to cherish the key achievements and memories from last year, which was only possible by all your support and help. Thank you everyone for being part of this journey. 

A year of growth

Last year in October, we went through a major transformation where legacy Cypress Developer Community and Infineon Forums merged together to form the Infineon Developer Community. We are currently 34K+ members strong, and out of 60K discussions, more than half have an accepted solution. This is just a beginning, and in the coming months and years you will see more exciting upgrades coming your way.

2021 in numbers






new members



new discussions

Celebrating our members

Every member of this community is key to our growth, and there were many champions who stood out with their expertise and engagement in 2021.

✔️  Most number of accepted solutions:

 @Len_CONSULTRON     @MotooTanaka     @BiBi_1928986     @odissey1     @KyTr_1955226 


🌏 Most number of community translations: 

@keni_4440091     @Kenshow     @MaMi_1205306     @YuMa_1534086     @MaKi_350451 


🖥 Most number of code examples:

@MotooTanaka    @YoIs_1298666     @Kenshow    @Len_CONSULTRON 


👍 Most likes received: 

@Len_CONSULTRON    @MotooTanaka     @odissey1    @BiBi_1928986    @Kenshow 

Congratulations to these champions and every member who participated.  Any member can help the community by answering some of fellow engineers' queries, or by submitting code examples or translations. Please feel free to send a private message to me (@vishnu) if you would like to know more. 


What’s in store for 2022

We are constantly working to make your community experience better, and this year you will see a better reward and recognition program to celebrate your valuable contributions to the community. The team will also ensure that our community offers you easy ways to navigate, and leverage all the features to get what you need, as quickly as possible with UI/UX improvements.

A unified search experience which allows you to find relevant resources not just from community, but also from our key digital channels, and a better translation solution are added to this year's community roadmap.

This community is for you, and hence we are going to improve it together! We will soon start implementing a robust feedback mechanism to share your thoughts on what’s good, and what needs to be improved in our community.

These are only some of the improvements planned for this year, and you will be notified when these programs are rolled out. So keep watching this space, and subscribe (Community Manager Blog home page -> Options->Subscribe) to be in the loop.


Do you have any stories to share where our community and it's members helped you succeed? Don't forget to share them in the comments below! 🙂


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