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Please let me know the latest processors and high performance computer by infineon which are used in automobiles.

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Does anyone here know if Infineon have ever acquire Catalyst Semiconductor? I wasn't able to find any association with this device between the 2 mfg. ... Show More
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Hi, When I include a picture in a question I ask, it shows up as a link that people have to click to view. I've seen pictures that show up within the ... Show More
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Hi All, Cadence is doing Conformal LEC workshop on 8th & CLP on 9th Dec. This will be useful if you are new to these tools & want to learn basics to l... Show More
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I am trying to access the Collaboration Platform, which contains some critical shared material. The authentication process for the Collaboration platf... Show More
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Hello, recently I noticed that many useful answers in the Cypress Community forums contain links to pages which unfortunately are broken. Here are a f... Show More
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please help in finding a substitute part number for mpn:EL3H7(A)(TA)-G


Sanjay M

Tejas Networks

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Hello, I would like to know the values of decoupling capacitors which I need to use with CY8C9560A 60 bit IO Expander for developing schematics. I hav... Show More
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To Moderator The user Deprive5 has hi-jacked the thread in PSoC 5LP forum:Using CY8CKIT-059 with 3.3V external while using U... - Infineon Developer Community... Show More
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Medallion Instrument Systems Marine Power Module 5509-12064-01 Revision A2 Burned out chip that needs replacement :Manufacturer  - International Recti... Show More
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