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Community Manager
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Hello Cypress Community Members,

I'm happy to announce I have joined Cypress as your new Community leader. 100% of my job is working with the community and to improve the experience for you.

We are in the process of updating the community. One of the first steps is to launch this information area so you can find tips, ask for community related help, and learn more about our team. Over the next few weeks you can expect to see the following:

Community Updates

  • Refreshing Pages and Content Feeds
  • Launching new areas

Information Area

  • Posting Cypress Community Tips
  • Introduction of our Team Members

If you have questions, ideas and areas where you would like to see improvements please let us know. You can post a comment here, private message me or email me at: lesl@cypress.com

Best Regards,

Sara & The Cypress Community Team

Community Manager
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