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TLE9201 H Bridge SPI Problem

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I am using the TLE9201 H Bridge Chip for driving a small DC Motor. This works well.
But i also want to use the error messages, which are accessible via the SPI Interface. I have tried a lot, all signals (clock, enable, data_in and VSO) and timings are as asked in the datasheet, but I d´ont get an answer from the chip. ??? Do I have to pay attention to something special ? Is there a known bug ?

Perhaps somebody has an idea.

best regards Karl
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There is nothing special or a bug with the TLE9201 SPI.

You will have to check your hardware that it is done like it is shown in the datasheet figure 4 (not figure 5), page 22. The timing of the SPI interface you will find in Figure 4-6 SPI Timing Definition (drawing not to scale). Note: The first SPI response provided after power up is the device revision number (RD_REV). For any unspecified commands the device will respond with the content of the diagnosis register (RD_DIA). You may check afterwards as well the reset value 0x00H of the control register by using the command RD_CTRL 011x xxxx.

Best regards
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Thank you for your reply.

I solved the problem.

When programming the SPI, I only supplied VSO and not the main power of the chip. As usual a simple error.

regards Karl