TLE5012B Write Registers Problem

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I use SPI interface of STM32 to connect to the TLE5012B E1000, now I can read the correct angle value from TLE5012B.
But when I want to modify some registers that such as IFAB(0DH)I failed. I think the problem is about the CRC.
In the "Configuration Register Checksum" from the :
"To monitor the integrity of the sensor configuration, the TLE5012B performs a cyclic redundancy check of the
configuration registers in address range 08H to 0FH. The corresponding 8 bit CRC checksum is stored in register
CRC_PAR (address 0FH). When changing one or more of these registers, a new checksum has to be calculated
from registers 08H to 0FH using the generator polynomial described in Chapter 5.2.4, and written to the CRC_PAR
register. Otherwise, a CRC fail error (status bit S_FUSE = 1) will occur. The CRC check can be disabled by setting
register AS_FUSE to 0. The execution of the cyclic redundancy check is automatically deactivated if auto
calibration is active, as auto calibration performs periodical adjustments of several configuration registers."
It is difficult for me to understand,when I want to modify IFAB, can you tell how to modify
I can not find some axample about the CRC that how to used. Do I need to calculate CRC and write the result to CRC_PAR?
What are the source data of CRC calculation?
In the "6.1.2 Communication Examples" ,the CRC send by TLE5012B in the Safety Word.
My final purpose is to modify the register!
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