TLE5012B Angle Revolution Register

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i have some question to the "Angle Revolution Register".

I am already reading the "Angle Value Register" very well and now i want to read the the revolution of my motor. The motor shaft runs with 50 rpm.

Here are my Code example:

void RevolutionOutput(void)
unsigned Frame_Counter;
int Num_Revolution;
int miso_data = (spi_read(angleRevolution_command));//& 0x7FFF);

Num_Revolution =0x00FF & miso_data;

Serial.print( "\t\t Aktueller Umlauf: ");


My Problem is that the sensor give me every second turn around of my motor an increment.

Is it Important to use the Frame_Counter?

Please can anyone helb me?

Sorry for my bad english iam learing:)

best regards

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