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Hi guys, not sure where to place this thread.

I'm a new member and have been contacted by scammers in PM already (user @revfrancis1 ). It appears you have a problem with scam accounts. See below for the message I recieved:


Dear friend.

With respect, please permit me to inform you of my desire of going into good business relationship with you, originally I am a supervisor to a gold mining union here, nonetheless now we are strangers to ourselves reason you have to contact my private email address (

 For more detail most important to know you better,                             

I am Rev Francis  Adam one of my important purchaser deposited money in one financial bank here to trade on gold, unfortunately he dies recently and I was his next of kin to that money, I will need your sincere assistance to serve as a guidance to this fund so you can easily and officially help me receive this money in your country after knowing you better understand, I am sincerely willing to offer you 25% of the total amount as compensation for your help and  sincerity, More important we have  genuine Gold here, your friends, business associates or  brother if interested can contact me directly through you, Our  details Product Specification
Product.....Gold Dory Bars
Quantity..........150 kg
purity......95.6 %
carats......23 plus
Price.......... per Kg to be negotiated

Thanks and God bless you and your family Amen.

Rev. Francis .Adam

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I will say sorry again to you. We are looking into this internally and lock it.

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Bizarre.   So transparently a scam.   It deals with high value item (gold) and the person claims he is a reverend to convince prospective 'dupes' that he is a godly person.

Sadly, it is not unusual to have people register for virtually any forum on the internet and post these obvious 'crap-traps'.   Maybe Infineon (and others) should consider a more rigorous signup process that requires more validation of the prospective user before they are allowed to post.

I have to laugh.  Normally tech-savvy people are less prone to fall for these scams.  Therefore I wonder why they bother to post.

Normally when I have seen this type of thing on these forums, I select the "Report Inappropriate Content" from the menu available when I click on the Len_CONSULTRON_2-1677853075964.pngat the top pf the original post.


This sends a message to the moderator to censor this content.


"Engineering is an Art. The Art of Compromise."

Agreed, it's ridiculous practice, especially in a forum dedicated to highly technical people such as the users of Infineon products. I reported it as inappropriate, I just hope mods of the board see they have a bit of an infestation that needs to be addressed!


I will say sorry again to you. We are looking into this internally and lock it.