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cross mob
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I use the TLI4970050 MS2GO evaluation board, with the Current2go software GUI
I tried to change the OVCL.

I connected GND to my GND Power Supply,
then connected the P pin to 20.60V
then clicked on Burn into EEPROM.

Unfornately it failed, and put all byte of the EEPROM to FF.

Do you know the detailed procedure ton program the EEPROM with Curent2go software ?

Thank you
Etienne TH
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Update 1:

After multiple tries, and several EEPROM bricked !!!!

I find a process to program correctly the EEPROM,
Connect the USB cable,
Connect ground from my power supply to GND,
Select the register i want to modify,
plug the 20.6V on /CS pin
then burn the EEPROM.

But i need to burn several TLI 4970 EEPROM, when programming next EEPROM, I burn the EEPROM, then I have "Communication LOST" and it damaged the EEPROM.
I cannot program efficiently my 3 TLI4970 on my board without destroying at least one !

I noticed that the evaluation board have a heat increase after one programmation.

I will continue my research.

Can you please help me, to identify the problem or give me the suitable procedure.
it is very important project

Thank you Etienne.