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ISO1I813T EVAl board documents having following description. I have found description that ISO1I813T can be used in direct mode also. (See blue highlighted text)

I have not found any documents how can I use ISO1I813T in direct mode? do you have any documents/application note which shows ISO1I813T working in direct mode.

This Application Note describes an Evaluation Board with two isolated 8 Channel IEC61131-2 compatible Digital
Input ICs for a wide range of industrial applications.
The board is designed to allow easy exploration of the features of the ISOFACETM Digital Input part. It contains
two ISO1I813T as an electrically isolated 8 bit data input interface in TSSOP-48 package. These parts are used
to detect the signal states of up to eight independent input lines according to IEC61131-2 Type 1/2/3 (e.g. twowire
proximity switches) with a common ground.
An 8 bit parallel/serial μC compatible interface allows to connect the IC directly to a μC system. The input interface
supports also a direct control mode and is designed to operate with 3.3/5V CMOS compatible levels.
The data transfer from input to output side across the galvanic isolation uses Infineon’s Coreless Transformer

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The μC compatible interfaces of the ISO1I813T allow a direct connection to the ports of a microcontroller without the need for other components. There are different options to read the registers of the input device, either through direct addressing (e.g. parallel mode) or through the telegram mode when the serial interface is selected where the bits are shifted out during the transaction. The "direct mode" names the direct addressing of the registers with the help of the parallel mode µC interface.
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thanks for your reply.
After configuring ISO1I813T Device using microcontroller.
Can I directly get pin status (I.e. high or low) on parallel pin of ISO1I813T ?
If I will put RD/ Pin on low state.