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Hello Admin, 

I have an inquiry about the Infineon policy.


There is a lack of Korean development videos on the use of AURIX MCU for general developers in Korea.

Therefore, I would like to make a Korean language training video for these general developers to make simple Line Trace Vehicles, etc. using TC275 Lite Kit.


The question is whether the Infineon policy allows this.

I wonder if you allow it on a limited basis or not at all.

If you allow it on a limited basis, please share the relevant documents as well.





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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Thanks for pointing the lack of Korean language trainings for Aurix, and for offering to create some. We will check internally and get back to you on the policies involved.

FYI @WayneT , please check with Academy team in AP for this request.

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Hi @DownyK ,

Thanks for sharing and offering your support on this end.

Once I sort this out internally,  I will reach out to you.