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New Contributor
Hi there!

I have a doubt in the controller ICE1HS01G.

In case of output short circuit of the converter, the sample of current in pin 2 will be more than 1,6V and the controller will turn off.

After this, the only way to restart it is turn off and turn on the power supply??

I am working in a SMPS design for telecom, and sometimes the consumer will put the output cables in short circuit... so, the smps must be able to support this condition.


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The ICE1HS01G controller is not recommended for new design, you should change to ICE1HS01G-1.
The current sense pin 2 is sensing the transformer winding voltage. In case the transformer is shorted the controller will latched off. The output short circuit protection works via pin FB (feedback). This is described in the application note for the 200W 24V 6A & 12V 5A SMPS demonstrator with ICE1HS01G-1 section 10.6. The overcurrent protection is described in section 10.4. You will also find some oscilloscope screenshots.
New Contributor
Hi Bernd. Thanks for the reply.
I checked here and i am alread using the ICE1HS01G-1.
In my application, the latch off of the controller is not good. I need that in case of output short circuit, the controller reset and start again.
I am using it in smps for telecom systems in 48Vdc, in a system with 4 rectifiers in parallel.
When i put one rectifer, all works ok, but when i put the second rectifier in parallel, the output capacitor filters of this second unit has the behavior of a short circuit, turning off the first rectifier.
Another problem is that here in Brazil, we have a standard that inform the necessity of capacity of output short circuit and automatic restart when the short circuit is removed.
Is there a way to solve this or i need another controller?