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DPS422 Pin 1 Marking Dot

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Dear Sir/Madam,

It's my first time posting on the forum so I'm not really sure if my post is in the right box. Please help me moving the thread to the right place if it was in the wrong place.

My question is about the Pin 1 Marking Dot in DPS422 Pressure sensor.


Will there be any problem if my PCB is designed to have a GROUND pad right under the Pin 1 marking dot of the sensor (This dot is in the bottom side and is made from metals that is shinny like gold).
The GROUND pad is not in contacted with any other PIN. The only contacted part with the PCB's GROUND pad is the DPS422 pressure sensor's Pin 1 marking dot.

I am aware that the Pin 1 Marking Dot has a function of checking the DPS422 pressure sensors direction after placement process as mentioned at the "Recommendation" below in
part "6.2 Inspection after placement process."


I only want to confirm about the possibility of keeping the ground pad in PCB in contact with the Pin 1 Marking dot.

Can anybody tells me If there are any documents mentioned about this. I have tried looking for all DPS422 Datasheet on the Infineon HP with no luck.
Thank you in advance.

With all the best,
Tran Dinh Hai Dang
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Level 4
10 replies posted 10 sign-ins 5 solutions authored
I have received the answer from the quick and helpful Technical Assistant of Infineon.
In order to save the time of the others when they engaged in the same question, I would like to share the answer here also.

The marking dot is not connected to any of the other pins.
There is no connection to the dot at all. So no issue with a GND connection on the dot.

The below is the package information of DPS 422 Pressure sensor (until 2019.08.22 there is no information, I hope Infineon will update this soon)