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Broken links in Cypress Community ?

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recently I noticed that many useful answers in the Cypress Community forums contain links to pages which unfortunately are broken.

Here are a few examples:

What all these broken link have in common, is that they lead to a landing page that warns that we are leaving the Community for an external site. After "accepting" the risk, we are taken to the Infineon+Cypress initial home page.

I suppose that the problem appeared after the Cypress-Infineon merger and the consequent redesign of their web sites.

Can anyone please explain me the "key" (the edit to apply) to convert the broken links into good ones?

I also tried to search for example for "docID=44358" (or also simply for "44358") within the Community or even on the whole Cypress/Infineon web site, with no luck.

Above posts (and their links) are currently very important to me, as I am trying to figure out how to send debug strings to a debug console in PSoC Creator, using the MiniProg3 and the SWV pin of a PSoC3.

Thank you very much!

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Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for letting us know the issue. We will check.

The key so far you can use is to copy the URL & paste it into the browser's address directly.

Use the links you listed below.




Copy and paste each of them in browser address, the converted URLs are:





Roy Liu
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Dear Roy,

thank you for your reply. It confirms what I found out and the good thing about it is that the information to navigate to the link is actually there and the pages are still existing.

In other words, this is what I found (it basically corresponds to your answer):

The problem with many broken links is that the url actually associated with them is wrong.

In order to access to the page, one has to copy the link as indicated in the text and enter it in the search/url bar of the browser, rather than clicking on it.


The link http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2492&rID=109465 found in this post: "Output debug messages to IDE?"  has the following (wrong) underlying url (you can try by clicking on it):





In order to access the page, instead of clicking on the link, just copy the text shown (as plain tex). In above example it would be:




and paste it "as is" in the search/url bar of the browser. 

Most times it works 😉


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The problem with many broken links is that the url actually associated with them is wrong. get-vidmate.com instasave.onl