Announcing Winners for the PSoC 6, Wi-Fi, & AWS Element14 Design Challenge!

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We at Cypress (an Infineon Technologies Company), in partnership with Element14 and AWS IoT are happy to announce the winners of the Connected Cloud Design Challenge!


Contestants in this challenge were tasked with using one of our PSoC 6 and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Development Kits (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W or CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT) along with the ModusToolbox® Software Environment to build an IoT project and connect it to AWS IoT cloud services. After 20+ weeks of designing – researching – prototyping – programming and testing,142 blog posts,  and 17 videos, this exiting design challenge has come to a close at the beginning of June. Judges from Element14, Cypress, and AWS have come together and picked the winners from a fantastic set of innovative project.  Please see the winners below.

Grand Prize

Super Smart Home by: balearicdynamics
smart home.PNG
Top Member, Enrico, won us over with his Super Smart Home Automation project, using the PSoC 6 MCU as a main hub to his AWS IoT powered Smart Home. Multiple sensor nodes were aggregated including: a door opener node, lighting node, alarm node, door bell node, etc. and then transmitted to AWS via Cypress Wi-Fi while the PSoC 6 drove a rich, graphical display UI. Learn more about this project as well as get the full source code/tutorials in our IoT Developer Zone here!


Runner Up

Intelligent Mailbox by: Saicheong


Sai comes in second with their Smart Mailbox. This project would light up and inform you when a letter arrives, this passes the data over AWS to a telegram service, delivering through email or SMS. Sai even took the project further and trained a neural network with sounds of dogs playing and barking. This training this Smart Mailbox to know if a dog is barking aggressively and then to warn the mail carriers of this. Learn more about this project as well as get the full source code/tutorials in our IoT Developer Zone here!

You can also view other projects in this design contest below in our IoT Developer Zone:

Below are the prizes the Grand Prize winner, Runner Up, and all “Finishers” (anyone who completes a project) will be getting for their efforts. In addition – all participants will be among the first to receive a free PSoC 64 Pioneer Kit once its available, to test out this new foundation for IoT Security. 


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