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iMOTION2go demonstration by iMOTION™ Solution Designer

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iMOTION2go is pre-programmed with the latest version of the iMOTION™ firmware and the script-based demo which is running the small motor mounted on the board. As soon as the kit is powered up through the USB slot, the demo will start and periodically vary the speed of the motor and alternate its rotating directions.

But the .zip file iMOTION2Go Software Package is for MCEWizard and MCEdesigner.
I posted the software package for the brand new tool iMOTION Solution Designer (iSD)

  1. install iSD
  2. Download the zip file and extract it
  3. Open iSD and File -> Open Project -> Select "i2023_01_24 iMOTION2Go.cwproj"


Kazu Hayashi

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