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XRES Emulator Power Cycle Circuit -- This allows PSoCs without an XRES to be Programmed.

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I've attached a two-project Workspace.

The first project (KitProg_XRES2PwrCycle) is only useful for the TopDesign.

It has the circuit I have used and tested to program PSoCs without an XRES pin.  It monitors the XRES pin from the 5-pin programming device and power cycles the VDD to the target CPU.

In addition to power cycling VDD to the target PSoC it also quickly discharges the capacitor on the VDD line with about 2.2 ohms to GND.

It is a single-IC design with a KitProg (5-pin) programming header, a 5-pin Target programming header and a 3-pin jumper for bypassing the VDD power cycling if needed.

I placed the single-IC and headers and jumper on a very small proto board as displayed in the TopDesign.

The second project is an example very simple project using the CY8C4013 PSoC which has no XRES.  It programs the SWD pins as GPIO to test the programmability of the PSoC.

In general, I recommend using a PSoC with a XRES pin routed to the programming header.  In this case, this power cycling circuit is not needed but still be used.

However, if this isn't an option for you, this is a small form factor and very simple HW project.


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1000 replies posted 750 replies posted 500 replies posted

Hi Len, 

Thank you very much for sharing this with the community! 🙂

Thanks and Regards,
Rakshith M B