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TLE984x, question about a “user_nvm_write()” function of Firmware API

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Hi all,

I have a question about a “user_nvm_write()“ function of Firmware API.
When I programed 10 bytes of Data Flash using the “user_nvm_write()“ function,
remaining data(128-10=118byts) of the 1 page was programmed by 0xFF,
even if the erase value is 0x00.

I checked “Firmware User Manual (AE-step) Revision 1.02”, but I couldn’t find out
an explanation that unprogramed area will be programmed by 0xFF.
Do you know the reason why 0xFF will be programmed? Is this normal operation?

You can reproduce this result by the following my sample software, easily.
If my usage is not correct, please let me know about that.

Thank you.

[Software Overview]
This code is a sample code to execute a "user_nvm_write()" and "user_nvm_page_erase()" of
the Firmware API commands.
And, this code is based on a "UART2_TTY_EXAMPLE_TLE984x" sample code.
refer to the following URL for more detail.

[Confirmed environment of this software]
IDE = uVision ver
Board = TLE984x_Evalboard, TLE9844_Appkit
Terminal software = TeraTerm v4.99

[Usage of this software]
1, Program this software into the TLE984x of the evaluation board
2, Connect your PC and an evaluation board by USB cable
3, Lunch a terminal software and set 115200bps
4, RESET your evaluation board, then terminal software shows as the below.
Please press any key between 1~4 whitch you want.
*** Menu ***
Key=1: Dump D-Flash (0x1100F000~, 128+16byte)
Key=2: Prog 10byte D-Flash (0x1100F000 = 0x30,0x31,0x32...0x39)
Key=3: Prog 5byte D-Flash (0x1100F000 = 0x00,0x01,0x02...0x04)
Key=4: PageErase D-Flash (0x1100F000~, 128byte)

[Execution image]

Key 1 and 2


Key 3 and 4



Thank you.

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