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Polyphonic piano basic demo using KIT-059 and MIDI Keyboard

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Attached below is basic demo of polyphonic piano using PSoC5 (CY8KIT-059) as processing unit and MIDI Keyboard as input.

This is very basic demo to demonstrate interrupt-driven DDS technique with signal output to 8-bit VDAC. The project is heavily using CPU and interrupts (Arduino-style) and doesn't have  any "advanced" features (DMA, etc), but it is good for introduction.

Attached are: project demo, project screenshots, related Cypress application note and YouTube video.

YouTube project demo video: Polyphonic piano demo using PSoC5 and MIDI Keyboard - YouTube

Polyphonic piano_1a.png

similar project:

Piano on Arduino (parts 1-4): Arduino MIDI synthesizer (Part 1) - Basic MIDI IN circuit - YouTube

MIDI Keyboard: MIDI Keyboard - Android Apps on Google Play


MIDI_Keyboard input.jpg

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