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ModusToolbox users may run into errors like “OpenSSL SSL_read: Software caused connection abort, errno 113” while running github.com-related git_clone/git_fetch in ModusToolbox. It means your connection to github.com is blocked for some reason.
ModusToolbox的用户在执行与github.com相关的git_clone/git_fetch等操作时,可能会遇到错误:“OpenSSL SSL_read: Software caused connection abort, errno 113”。这通常是因为你到github.com的连接被神秘力量屏蔽了的缘故。

In this case, you can turn to use some third-party repo_relaying servers, like ghproxy.com, to bypass the restrictions. Basically, you need to run the following GIT_config command to make it work in ModusToolbox:

git config --system url."https://mirror.ghproxy.com/https://github.com".insteadOf https://github.com

The tool is designed to help you with that. It automatically locates your ModusToolbox and adds the value, and then handles the conflicting settings.

Click to download the tool [source]    (or directly use this link)  

Click to download the tool [mirror]    (password: mtbs)

Latest version / 最新版本:v0.1.7.5


  1. Download the latest release and unzip it wherever.
  2. Run the file Install.cmd.
  3. Reboot ModusToolbox and done.
  4. Run the file Uninstall.cmd to remove the settings. You may uninstall the tool before you update it as well.
  5. Try clear the cache of ModusToolbox first every time you encounter an error. A lot of git error stay once they occurred. Follow this link to do this.


  1. ghproxy.com is a third-party service that can be unstable.
  2. ghproxy.com is adopted in the tool but not part of the tool. Visit ghproxy.com for more info and support.
    ghproxy.com在本工具中被使用,但它不是本工具的一部分。访问 ghproxy.com 来获取更多信息,并支持它。
  3. Support ModusToolbox 2.x and hopefully later.
    兼容ModusToolbox 2.x和后续的版本(可能)。
  4. The tool only helps you restore accessibility to the GitHub content of ModusToolbox. If you need to use any other content of ModusToolbox (when the variable CyRemoteManifestsOverride is touched by you), you have to uninstall it first or you might see more issues coming.
  5. The tool is provided AS IS. There is NO WARRANTY.
  6. Windows might prevent the scripts from executing. You might see some red warnings about the limit during the execution. Visit this link for lifting the limit.


The tool above is for Windows only. When using Linux/macOS, it's better you add the configuration yourself:

Open a terminal in Linux/macOS.

Run the following command to add the git config in the terminal.

git config --global url."https://mirror.ghproxy.com/https://github.com".insteadOf https://github.com

Then add the environment variable CyRemoteManifestOverride to the system. For ModusToolbox 2.2 and later, set it to the following value:
然后添加环境变量CyRemoteManifestOverride到系统中。对于ModusToolbox 2.2或之后的版本,把该变量设成下方的值:


For ModusToolbox 2.1 and earlier, set it to the following value:
对于ModusToolbox 2.1或之前的版本,把该变量设成下方的值:


You can refer to KBA230953 for how to do it in Linux/macOS. And you may refer to this article for how to set it permanently in Linux.

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Okay, the problem can be solved after using the attachment resource, thanks