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I am uploading annotation component for the CY8CKIT-042 PSoC4 Pioneer Kit.

The component helps visualizing ports and pins and creating connection diagrams for CY8CKIT-042 PSoC4 Pioneer Kit. It shows pins with direct connection to the ADC_SAR bypass capacitor, OpAmps, USB-I2C bridge, USB-UART bridge, RGB LEDs,  Capsense pad, Switch and PMOD connector.

The KIT-042 annotation component can be used in conjunction with Cypress stock annotation components (capacitors, resistors, etc.)  as well as small-sized annotation components from the complimentary PSoC  Annotation Library:

PSoC Annotation Library v1.0

Attached archive contains KIT-042 component library. Upon installation it will show up in the folder:

/Community/Off-Chip/Annotation Library/Kits/

The component provided as-is, no liabilities. It is free to use, modify and distribute.



Figure 1. Component default appearance


Figure 2. Typical component use in conjunction with complimentary PSoC Annotation Library (Diffeferntial pre-amp example).


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If the pins are brought out to the headers, terminated with pullups, labeled on

PCB, why does user not have access to them ? What if I am not using I2C as

pins are shown on the annotation ?

One could use those pins, even with pullups, in some applications. They

could even be analog pins if driven with a low Z sensor or signal.

Too bad pullups were not a jumper option, and pins generally available if not using


Thanks for the reply, at least I am not going nuts ....

Regards, Dana.


Too bad the annotation library did not have a vertically flipped pinout as well.

I made up one on left for my own purposes, using manual image of board, which is flipped

from the annotation version.

Although I guess had I known about the annotation lib I would have not made up my  own.

Just a thought.


Regards, Dana.



It looks like your picture of the Pioneer Board is identical to the KIT-042 annotation stub, or I am not getting it. The blue-colored annotation to the right of the photo is by Chris Keeser.



I pulled pic out of board user manual and modified it when I started

project a few weeks ago. Before I knew about the annotation stuff.

Regards, Dana.