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ControlReg16, StatusReg16: 16-bit control and status register components

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Provided below are custom 16-bit Control and Status Register components (ControlReg16 and StatusReg16). They allow firmware write to and read from up to 16 digital signals simultaneously.

Component features:
     up to 16-bit firmware read/write access
     16-bit DMA access

The components were designed exclusively for PSoC5 with 24 UDB cells, and tested using CY8KIT-059 PSoC5LP Prototyping Kit.  Demo projects are provided.

Attached archive contains components library, component datasheets and demo projects for PSoC5LP. Please read installation instructions in the readme.txt.

The component provided as-is, no liabilities. It is free to use and modify.

Figure 1. Typical use of the ControlReg16 and StatusReg16 for sampling and setting digital ports. 



Figure 2. Example of the 16-bit DMA transfer from the RAM Buffer to the ControlReg16.



Figure 3. Example of the 16-bit DMA transfer from the StatusReg16 to the RAM Buffer.


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This Looks really useful will give it a try! thank you for sharing!! awesome work!