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CYW20819 Bluetooth Project (Smart Tea Kettle): The Cypress Cybernetics Nutrimatic II

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Our friends at Atmosphere IoT recently created a very innovative and fun  project leveraging Cypress' CYW20819 Bluetooth 5 MCU in a Smart Tea Kettle application. The system essentially remotely monitors the temperature of a tea kettle and turns it off base on user preference and the type of drink being made. The CYW20819 Arduino Eval Kit (CYW920819EVB-02) was used for this project with a temp/humidity shield added to transmit sensor data via BLE to mobile app, and then trigger shutdown of the tea kettle at optimum temperature.

The project was built in DK IoT Studio which is based off the Atmosphere IoT platform and is the fastest and simplest way to create, deploy, and manage a complete embedded-to-cloud IoT solution.

Check out how it was built here!



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