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I have just posted this code for your reference.

This code is based on a " UART2 sample code for TLE984x" sample code which I posted it before.
This sample code is simply get all ADC2 data and then show both 8bit hex data and unit-converted values.
So, you can see Central temperature and LS module temperature, too.

This code has three functions as the below.
   Key=1: VDDEXT_LED = On
   Key=2: VDDEXT_LED = Off
   Key=3: Show ADC2 data (Ch0~Ch6)
Each function can execute by key input via terminal software on your PC.
For example, If you type [1] key then VDDEXT_LED will be turn on.

Confirmed evaluation boards :
   1) TLE984x Evalboard ( J16 = JP27 = JP28 = Short)
   2) TLE9844-2QX Application Kit
   1)uVision V5.36.0.0
Software :
   1) UART2_TTY_EXAMPLE_TLE984x_ADC2.zip

[Execution image]
The following screenshot shows the user pressing the "3" key after RESET.



If anybody know about the below, please advise me.

It seems, there is a case where ADC2/Ch1(VDDEXT) value may doesn’t match the VDDEXT-pin voltage.
1) After reset, VDDEXT_ENABLE=0. And both ADC2/Ch1(VDDEXT) value and VDDEXT-pin voltage are 0v.
2) If you set VDDEXT_ENABLE=1(Key=1), then both ADC2/Ch1(VDDEXT) value and VDDEXT-pin voltage are 5v.
3) After that, if you clear VDDEXT_ENABLE=0(Key=2), then ADC2/Ch1(VDDEXT) value is remain 5V while VDDECT-pin voltage is 0V. This is a strange phenomenon, I think.

If I have any misunderstanding about ADC2 module/functions or if there is mistake in my code, please let me know.

Thank you very much in advance.

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