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I've used the cy3672 to program cy22150s in the past with no problem.  Need to do a quick batch to fill in for a manufacturing shortage, and it doesn't seem to work.  It is complaining about the parts not being Commercial (they are I versions).  How do I work around this?  Why would there be any programming difference between a C and I part?

thanks.... Bill


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There is a difference between Commercial and Industrial versions as there is output and VCO frequency range difference. The output frequency for the CY22150FZXI (Industrial) device is from 80 kHz to 166.6 MHz (3.3 V) and 80 KHz to 150 MHz (2.5 V) as compared to 80 kHz to 200 MHz (3.3 V) and 80 KHz to 166.6 MHz (2.5 V) for CY22150FZXC (Commercial) device. The VCO range is reduced to 100MHz – 333.333MHz for Industrial grade device as compared to 100MHz to 400MHz for a Commercial grade device. The range is reduced for the Industrial device to ensure reliable locking as there are chances that the device may run in locking and reliability issues with higher temperature range. Cypress always guarantee the specifications. This difference in range may result in different VCO values been set for your frequency requirements.


So please make sure that the jedec file you are using for programming is configured for Commercial grade when you are using a Commercial grade device and it is configured for Industrial grade when you are using an Industrial grade device.