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While using the program provided - ClockWizard 2.1 to configure the CY27410, it was noted that the register addresses, e.g. 0x000000, 0x0186A0, are 24 bits long listed in the memory map of the results tab. This seems to contradict the information on I2C communication found in the datasheet.

On page 8 of 30 in Document Number: 001-89074 Rev. *M, it is documented that "A valid write operation must have a full 8-bit register." Furthermore, on page 9 of 30 on the same document, the following is noted: "... the CY27410 issues an acknowledge and transmits the 8-bit word."

It is clear that the datasheet of the CY27410 states that it reads and writes 8-bit words.

My question is then, why does the program ClockWizard 2.1 suggest that the addresses are 24 bits long, identified by the hex addresses listed in the results tab in the memory map section.

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