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CO₂ sensor

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Dear Community,

First, sorry for the wrong forum assignment, but I didn't find the suiting forum.

We are accessing a DSP310 pressure sensor via SPI interface. The sensor's registers can be read, so I obtain expected values reading registers:

0x0D => 0x10 (Product ID)

0x08 => 0xC0 (default MEAS_CFG)

But I cannot write any register, which would be necessary to start a measurement. For a very simple approach, I tried to enable FiFo, (setting register 0x09 to 0x02). But when I read back the register, the value is 0x00 (default). I took care for the cleared high bit during write access. We are using 4-wire SPI.

The SPI-interface was only used by DPS310 in our first HW Setup. We needed another SPI device (MEMS), so we connected it to the same CLK, MOSI and MISO PINS (CS of course on another PIN than DPS310_CS).

For the MEMS, it is possible to read and write registers without any modification of the interface program.

So, the occurring question is, is there a special mechanism to "unlock" DPS310 registers for SPI-write? Is there anything else that could be tested on why the write access fails?

Best regards,


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Hi Richard,

I went through the DPS310 datasheet, but I could not find any specific information regarding unlocking DPS310 registers for SPI-write. I will try to search internally if I could find information on this.

Till then could you please let me know how you are writing to the registers?

Also could you please confirm if you are following the guidelines mentioned in section 6 of the DPS310 datasheet regarding configuring the SPI interface?

Best Regards