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CAPSENSE™ & MagSense

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Dear Receiver,

After study capsense "Tuner" software, I have a conclusion in the following...

No matter we select ...

1. Smart sense (Full auto turning)

2. Smart sense (Hardware parameters only)

3. Manual turning

The final purpose of above turning method is to make SNR > 5.

If SNR > 5 , this means this button is a good button basically. It's a basic ok threshold value.

If SNR < 5, please re-turn. this means this button must have a bad behavior in real application case.

For the turning software point of view, SNR > 5 is our final purpose.

If SNR > 5 is our final purpose, to select  Smart sense (Full auto turning) will be the easiest way.

Is my concept above correct ?! If anything I lost, could you please kindly remind me ?!

Besides, if SNR > 5 is the best way, why manual turning still exists ?!

What kinds of situation manual turning must be used ?!

Thank you so much.



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Yes, you are right. If you need more details, please refer to the AN85951: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an85951-psoc-4-and-psoc-6-mcu-capsense-desig...