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I wanted to make a sample project of CapSense and I got to know that we have to take care of the parasitic Capacitance value. I wanted to calculate the parasitic capacitance value of the sensor and I am using GetSensorCapacitance() function to print the value but PSoC creator is throwing undefined reference to GetSensorCapacitance error in PSoC Creator. Can you tell why it is happening? How to solve the error? Also, Is there a range of Parasitic Capacitance upto which CapSense can support?

Regards D

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Yes, it’s important to measure the parasitic capacitance of the CapSense sensor. To get the parasitic capacitance of the sensor you have to use GetSensorCapacitance() API and you need to call it using the instance name of the component for which you are calling it, So if you have kept the CapSense component as “CapSense_Comp” then the call to the API must be “CapSense_Comp_GetSensorCapacitance()”. Also, in order to use this API first you need to enable Self Test Library(BIST) Please find attached image for information. It could be found under Advanced>General Tab in CapSense configurator.

 Please find more information on https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infineon-Component_CapSense_P4_V3.10-Software%20Module%20Datasheets-v0...

Yes there is a range of Parasitic capacitance which is supported in various generation of CapSense, Please find more details on https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infineon-AN85951_PSoC_4_and_PSoC_6_MCU_CapSense_Design_Guide-Applicati... Section 3.1


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Arpit Srivastav