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I want to tune the CapSense sensors, So for software parameters are there any prescribed values from where we need to start tuning or We have to select tuning parameters randomly(in a hit and trial manner) and then we have to further change those parameters to get the best result? Basically, How to start the tuning process of the sensor. Also please share some document to know the details about these paramters and what they signify?


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In order to get to know the process to tune the CapSense Sensor please refer to https://github.com/Infineon/mtb-example-psoc4-capsense-csd-button-tuning#stage-1-set-initial-hardwar... It discusses about the in-depth details on how to tune CapSense Sensors.

As the link indicates, first we set Hardware parameters and then we go for software parameters.

 For the initial values of software parameters, we do have recommended values to start with which is based on the difference count or Diff Count which is defined as the difference of RawCounts under touch condition minus RawCounts under no touch condition.

The recommended value for Finger Threshold (i.e. one of the software parameter) is 80% of the diff count. Then later on based on your application and performance, you can fine tune this value to get the best results. You can get more information about parameters and what they signify on https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infineon-AN85951_PSoC_4_and_PSoC_6_MCU_CapSense_Design_Guide-Applicati... Section

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Arpit Srivastav