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Bluetooth SDK
Hi All,Here is the quick video tutorial on, how to get start with CYW920721B2EVK-02 Evaluation kit using ModusToolBox. To know the kit details please ... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Our partner Arrow Electronics is hosting a series of in-person workshops in a range of cities in the coming months, all about how to design with Cypre... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hi,Here is a Link to a new resource for CYW20819. It has the familiar Application Notes, Code Examples (with a basic explanation of the code) and some... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
In WICED® BT SDK v1.4 still missing some basic RTOS functionality incl. reported before in the WICED community forum, but neither I see them fixed in ... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Reminder that for all BT SDK sample applications, including Mesh Peer-apps, please use the version located here on the BT SDK GIT repository: https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/Code-Examples-BT-SDK-for-ModusToolbox... Show More