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Bluetooth SDK
Hello, I am using the EZ-Serial Host API Protocol Library with the CYBT-343026-01. App: 1.2.29 build 29Stack: 5.2.0 build 22Protocol: 1.3HW: CYBT-3430... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hi, I'm trying to implement Bluetooth low energy secure connections out of band pairing with the CYBT-413055-EVAL board and NFC. Are there any code ex... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
I am having trouble with extracting a .tar.gz file and accessing its files on a docker image. I've tried looking around Stackoverflow, but the solutio... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hi, I have a CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT board and would like to read temperature values from another controller (ESP32 conroller+BME280Sensor), for example.... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
I tested 20719 audio_watch demo. It can be successfully paired and connected with Bluetooth speakers. However, when the Bluetooth speaker initiates a ... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hi  During the SPP test,  the ACL was connected, but the RFCOMM was not connected. Looking at the mobile phone BT_Snoop.log and Air Log,  SDP Search/A... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hello, I want to search BR/EDR devices which use limited inquiry access code. It seems like that setting 'mode' paramter in wiced_bt_dev_inq_parms_t t... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hello @AnjanaM_61  I am trying to use this OPP server application https://github.com/Infineon/mtb-example-btsdk-rfcomm-opp-server for CYW920819-EVB02.... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hi, 编程环境ModusToolbox,芯片cyw20719b2,运行于BLE server状态,(1)程序片段如下:APPLICATION_START(){...pImgSemaphore = wiced_rtos_create_semaphore();//线程同步信号量wiced_rtos_i... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hello, I had a query here: https://community.cypress.com/t5/ModusToolbox-Bluetooth-SDK/Cyw20719b2-sleep-config/td-p/288360 So, I'm able to put the dev... Show More