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Bluetooth SDK
In the RFCOMM_Serial_Port_Multi-Port example project for a CYW20721 the function hci_spp_handle_command is in the file hci_spp.c I can't find anywhere... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
How to measure Tx power for an existing BR/EDR link? We're using CYW920706WCDEVAL and ModusToolbox 2.3. Is there an API that allows measuring current ... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hello Support, Next strage case. Eval board working with A2DP profile without any problems, play/pause working good. But when we tried to run HF profi... Show More
Bluetooth SDK


Is there any delay functions for the CYW20721B2?



Bluetooth SDK
Hi,   We're currently working with the `CYW920721B2EVK-02` devkit off of the `mtb-example-btsdk-audio-handsfree` example in the SDK. I've been having ... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Currently our product solution is using SDK 2.9 and are waiting for an update to 3.0 to take care of some bug fixes. We are about to start the qualifi... Show More
Bluetooth SDK


Bluetooth SDK
Please show me how to read-out the firmware data written in CYW20819 flash memory with HCI_UART. It is required to obtain the dump of data in non-vola... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hello, I would like to enable ERTM on the L2CAP services over BR/EDR link. I have tried to enable FCR through the wiced_bt_l2cap_appl_information_t st... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hi, I want to implement the process of sending an arbitrary key code based on the sample code HID_Dual_Mode_Keyboard. I tried to implement the followi... Show More